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The creators behind Project Myron

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Willem-Jan Eeftingh

Willem-Jan is the teamlead of Project Myron. He programmed the Manus VR gloves, Oculus Touch Controllers, and gameplay.

Robin Kuiper

Robin is the lead programmer. He was working on the network (server and client), as well as gameplay.

Lars Temmink

Lars also programmed the networking, e.g. interpolation, extrapolation and bit-shifting.

Nick Hartmann

Nick programmed the ingame functionality of the Xsens suit, with the MVN software and Unity, as well as gameplay.

Tim Wopereis

Tim worked on the level design, 3D models and SFX for Project Myron.

Kameliya Spirova

Kameliya was Art Lead for Project Myron, made concept art, worked on the rig and optimization of the character.

Karolis Jurkstaitis

Karolis sculpted the character, worked on the background environment of the game and textures.

Zoë Michelle Wolzak

Zoë was responsible for marketing, communication, 3D modelling and texturing.